We All Dream of a Team of Charlie Davies

We All Dream of a Team of Charlie Davies

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Indie Rock, a Fashion Statement

These rockstars are ones who I believe not only inspired people with there music,but also the way they dress and present themselves.Check it out.

First is Luke Pritchard, lead singer of the Kooks.Rey Bans,old classy shoes,a cardigan and what looks like a white V-neck,nothing over the top but still well done.

Then there is Serge Pizzorno, guitarist for Kasabian.Serge,Like the rest of Kasabian is an avid Leicester City Fans.Mon the Foxes.

Ahhhh yes I'm sure you guys saw this one coming.Brandon Flowers,lead singer of the Killers.How could he not be on here????

I wouldn't be telling the truth if I've told you I haven't swiped any of these guys ideas,but then again thats what makes stlye good,taking pieces of things you like and putting it together

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