We All Dream of a Team of Charlie Davies

We All Dream of a Team of Charlie Davies

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Closer Look at the 23 for South Africa: Fowards

1.Jozy Altidore:The Best foward we have.The question isn't if he will start,but who will he start with.Jozy needs to get a couple of goals to get his confidence back up and get more playing time at Hull City.The sky is the limit for Jozy,he just needs to stay focus....and oh yeah,also get to practice on time.

2.Robbie Findley:One of the reasons to be excited about the January camp and Honduras game is this guy.If CD9 isn't healthy or healthy enough to start Findley's speed might be just what the doctor ordered for a replacement.After a great season with Real Salt Lake,Findley will be given a chance to prove himself at the international level.

3.Charlie Davies:What a beautiful scene it would be.Charlie Davies,defying all odds since his trafic car accident and making the World Cup team.I will never forget the scene's at RFK during the last World Cup Qualifyer,I was lucky enough to make the trip from Southern California.With the right treatment and rehab I think Chuck Deezy will have a chance to make it in June,he is a warrior and an inspiration.

4.Connor Casey:I know don't worry,you probably just rolled your eyes.Bob loves big target strikers,so I think Casey will end up getting the nod.Casey,who is known mostly more his aerial presence,can also get himself into good goal scoring positions.Don't get me wrong though,I get just as frustrated as the next U.S Soccer fan when I see Casey just strolling around the field creating "defensive pressure."

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